Do you know where you are going to travel and how many you are going to be?

When you arrive in Budapest then you probably have a plan where you would like to go, how many you are going to be and how much luggage you are going to have. Consequently, before you start, you should contact us online, on Viber or on the phone and order the car you have chosen.
This option has several advantages since the car for sure will be at your disposal, furthermore, you can order an airport pick-up which means that we are going to wait for you with the chosen car at the airport and the necessary documents.

If you have not bought any HUF yet, it is not at all a problem for us because we accept EUR, USD or GBP as well.
Well, getting back to the selection of the car to be rented. We made up our vehicle fleet so that we be able to give comfortable, low consumption cars to or customers, however, both the consumption and the comfort can even be increased with a proper decision. 

Say, you do not have much luggage and you are maximum four (4) of you and you will drive the car mainly in Budapest or in a city not far from the capitol then you should rent an Opel Corsa, for example, or if you need more space then an Opel Astra. These cars consume little and you can drive them easily in even busier districts, furthermore, perking these cars is also easier than with a bigger vehicle.   
If you are more of you or you have more luggage then you should rent a bigger car because a low consumption car packed with a lot of luggage will never produce the ideal, low consumption indicated in the brochure.
If you are more of you or you have more luggage then you should choose a bigger passenger van which can seat seven (7) people, so if you are 5 of you then you can pack it with a lot of luggage and the consumption and this way the journey will be comfortable and fuel consumption can be kept low as well.

If you choose the more passengers or the bigger luggage track option, then we recommend the following types to you:

  1. Mercedes Vito 7 passenger vehicle (passenger minivan),
  2. Seat Alhambra, 7 passenger vehicle (passenger minivan),
  3. Ford Galaxy 7 passenger vehicle (passenger minivan).

Should you choose any of our vehicles you will get a friendly service and reliable car with several EXTRAS which are included in the BASIC PRICE so without any additional costs . 
We are waiting for your call; we are at your service.