How long do you plan to stay in Hungary?

If you plan to stay in our beloved country for a longer period of time, should you be a tourist, on business or a student, then we can offer you several special options.
If you stay for a longer period of time then you will need a car but you should not buy one because car purchase has some risks, furthermore, you have to maintain it and you have to sell it later when you don’t need it and these take money and time.

Then what should be taken into consideration? A simple, average car rent? No, not at all. Because it is not at all the same when someone wants to rent a car for 3- 4 days or, say, for 1-2 weeks, months.
Therefore, for you traveller, we have a special offer.

For those who plan to spend a longer stay in Hungary, we have made up a special offer, this way, we can give you a better price than of a simple, average car rental if you need a reliable vehicle for months or even for years. 
Our reference prices can be seen on our webpage, however, you should contact us so that we know your needs, for how long you need the car and this way we can give your special price taking all your requirements into consideration.

We are waiting for your call; we are at your service.