Car Rental at the Liszt Ferenc Airport in Budapest

Reptéri autóbérlés

Car rental at the airport Liszt Ferenc

When you come home from abroad either for a couple of days or for two weeks, it can be a practical solution to rent a car at the Budapest airport because this way you do not have to wait for a taxi or get home by public transportation which can take lots time.

In addition, it is difficult to acclimatise after a long flight which can cause discomfort.

Therefore, we can offer you a good solution:

The car rental service at the Liszt Ferenc Airport.

Our company offers the possibility of renting a car at the Budapest Liszt Ferenc Airport all day, it means that you can pick up or give back the car anytime you want to.

You can take over your car at the Arrivals level of the airport in minutes. The contracts are in English, in German or in Hungarian, the administration is the most effective possible.

By this time the car is equipped with all the accessories (for example, roof box) detailed in the reservation.

You can pay at the Budapest List Ferenc Airport in foreign currency (EUR,AUD,GBP,USD) at the mid-market exchange rate.

You can pay everything at the Budapest Liszt Ferenc Airport :

  1. in cash
  2. by card exept Amarican card
  3. via PayPal


Since you can take over your car for a fraction of a taxi fare.

It is important that you let us know your flight number so that our colleague can follow the exact arrival of your plane. Thats the easiest and safety way to get you car fast.

Our colleague, of course, will be waiting for you even in case your plane is delayed. It sometimes happen.

Not only Hungarian citizens but foreigners can also rent a car at the Budapest Liszt Ferenc Airport, however, personal documents, (passport) are required for it.

The client will not be charged extra costs for it. When taking over the car at the airport it is important that either the client or anybody in the client’s company can speak English. In the absence of communication the car can not be taken over.

We strongly advise that our non-Hungarian clients bring their International Driving Licence. It is not necessary for the conclusion of the car rental contract, however the authorities may ask for it from the renter in Hungary.

Non-Hungarian citizen renters are strongly advised to keep the speed limits of Hungary. The maximum is 130 km/h. At the citis are 50 or 70km/h.

The most popular destinations departing from Budapest Liszt Ferenc Airport are Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria. We ask our clients to buy the necessary local motorway tickets for toll roads in every country you visit.

You can not buy them in Budapest but only on petrol stations of counties by the country border, however, you can purchase them online in many countries. If you have any questions then never hesitate to ask our colleague in this number: +3620 9999140.


We call our clients’ attention to the fact that at the Budapest Airport parking fees are extremely high, therefore, if they give us their data in advance then it can make the car take over faster because in this case we wait for our clients with a prefilled contract at the Airport.

Just like at any other airport, our client can get a wheelchair or professional medical help (nurse) if arriving with a disabled person at the airport. If you need either of these services then you should inform the airport about it and they will wait for the passenger. The speed limit at the Budapest Airport is 30 km/h and there are always policemen on duty. Plese, drive carefully. Taking over a car at the Budapest Liszt Ferenc Airport costs HUF 2 500 (two thousand five hundred), when the rental period terminates, our colleague will take over the car from our client at the same place at the airport. Cash deposit will be paid back then, in case every thing all right with the car.

Parking is free for 5 (five) minutes in the area of Budapest Airport. This time is usually enough to sign the car rental contract.

The easiest way to approach Lisz Ferenc Airport if you drive on the M0 ring using road 4. Watch out for “Airport” writing on the traffic signs.

If you have any question then never hesitate to contact us: mail:

We will try to do our best to help you. 

Budapest Liszt Ferenc Airport Car rental for you without hidding fees.