Rent a car with air conditioning in Budapest

Our company deals with the rental of Corsa, Colt, Verso, Galaxy, Focus types.. We offer the following brands to our customers: Ford, Toyota, MItsubishi, Opel.Our customers can even choose between Diesel or petrol fuelled cars as well.

You should rent our cars because:


  • they are clean;
  • their consumption is low;
  • they have air conditioning;
  • have annual motorway stickers;
  • we offer assistance service;
  • they have winter, summer tyres and snowchain;
  • their tax conditions and insurance fees are settled and paid.

Calculation of the daily fee.

We count the rent monies in a daylong settlement for our clients.

The price included VAT.

In case you would like to pay with foreign exchenge on a daily purchase exchange we can recount the owing sum.