There are no additional costs. Clean and regularly serviced cars with motorway stickers (vignette) for Hungary

We help you to rent the car which fits your needs the best. Either you want to use it for work or during your holiday.

It is important for us that the car you have chosen should be in the best mechanical state possible so that it can serve you at the best prices and with the best conditions during the duration of the rental.

You can check out our passenger car and microbus fleet, furthermore, our colleagues can inform you about the currently rentable cars.

Who do we offer our car rental service?

Those people or companies:

  • that need a vehicle which is in a reliable mechanical state for a shorter or even longer period of time;
  • that do not want to own a car but sometimes they need it for travel, family outings or work;
  • whose car is in bad mechanical state and need a reliable car quickly;
  • that consider car rental a better solution than to own one.

Check out our vehicle fleet on our webpage and get an offer for the one you picked.

Car rental Budapest

Renting a car (for a summer holiday, or travelling home) is usually the most comfortable and cost effective solution. When you are looking for a car rental company, it is important that you know what kind of car you would like to rent. For in-town driving a smaller car is enough, however, if you want to go to the countryside, you should choose a bigger and more comfortable car.

You will only need your personal documents and some cash if you wish to rent a car. You can easily rent a car on our webpage. In a few seconds you get a summary about the cost that can be expected. In your reservation you can indicate whether you want to take over the car in Budapest or in Pest county, whichever is more comfortable for you. Its cost is maximum HUF 5000 (airport), for this price we take and bring the rented car from door-to-door.

There are plenty of car rental companies in Budapest. Before you choose one, you should compare them to each other.

The rental fee is an important viewpoint; however, other facts should be taken into consideration as well.

Low prices do not necessarily cover all the fees to be paid, therefore, you should ask for detailed information. Our company provides car rental services in Ör vezér tere without any hidden costs. Our accessories are free of charge.

What other services do we offer?

  • Airport transfer
  • Assistance service
  • Well serviced cars for the current season
  • Annual motorway sticker (vignette)
  • Cleaning is free of charge.

Imagine, how much easier it would be just to simply return the rented car and not to wait for it when it is getting cleaned in a car wash.

You do not rent a car to do it but for family visits, wellness weekends, travels abroad and other programs. Who would like to clean a car when they have just got back to Budapest from the Advent Fair of Vienna?

Nobody at all. Therefore, you should rent a car form a company where there are no hidden fees and costs.

Budapesti car rental without additional, hidden costs!

In our company the only fee you pay is the rental fee. The following, optional accessories are free of charge:

  • Child seat
  • Baby car seat
  • GPS
  • Roof box

The fuel policy of our company is as follows:

You can take over your car with full tank and we kindly ask you to return the car with a full tank as well.

You can rent the following types:

  • Smaller cars suitable for 2 – 3 people and their luggage
  • Lower medium category cars suitable for 3-4 people and their luggage
  • Medium category cars suitable for 4-5 people and their luggage
  • Minivans (MPV) suitable for 5+2 people and their luggage
  • Passenger vans (minibus) suitable for 7 people and their luggage
  • Passenger vans (minibus) suitable for 9 people and their luggage.

The amount of the deposit is between HUF 50 000 and HUF 200 000. Upon returning the car we pay back this deposit.

Our cars are KGFB and Casco insured and these insurences protect you and us (the owner) in case of a problem.

The daily rental fee of our cars include 300 kms/day of drive. The cost of any additional kilometre is HUF 20 / km (twenty). If you rent the car for 10 days then it means that you can take 3000 kilometre altogether.

You can pay the rental fee in the following ways:

  • On-the-spot in cash
  • On-the-spot in foreign exchange, at current daily exchange rate
  • Transfer
  • By bank card at the airport
  • PayPal
  • Barion

You will need the following documents if you want to rent a car:

  • Identity card or passport
  • Driving licence
  • Address card

If a foreign citizen would like to rent a car then she / he needs documents equivalent with the above mentioned ones.

Car rental fees

Form HUF 5000/day to HUF 10000/day.

These daily fees decrease in proportion with the number of the days. There are 10 types here.

HIf you need more information about our cars then cliclck here!

Returning of the rented car

You can return the rented car in Budapest or at the Budapest Airport. If the car was handed over to you at your own address then you can return the car there as well.

In the course of the returning of the car our colleague checks whether the tank is refilled and puts it down in the contract.

 Your signature terminates the contract with which you declare that you got back the full amount of the deposit.

I hope you will call us again when you would like to rent a car again.

Telephone number: +3620 9999140.

Cheap car rental for you in Budapest!