Why can it be a good choice for you to rent an automatic car?

We recommend these cars to our clients who got used to automatic cars and they prefer them when they rent a car. Our foreign customers who come from such from countries where these cars are common like them very much when they reserve a car.

Why is it an ideal choice to rent an automatic car?

  • The most comfortable.
  • In a traffic jam when cars progress very slowly this type of rental car can be the best solution.
  • For less experienced drivers it is a great help because they do not have to bother with changing gears.
  • Women like automatic cars very much.
  • It is an ideal alternative for disabled clients when the car does not have a manual gearbox.

Cheap car rental with no hidden costs. – Car rental economically

If you use our services then renting a car will be really as economical as it seems the first time.

Many car rental companies disappoint their clients that they advertise their cars cheaply and later they charge the clients with additional fees. Our car rental company is NOT at all like that.

We inform our client about the prices in a simple and unambiguous way. So they are not low because they are customer attracting cheats. In our company no additional costs and fees will emerge in the course of the car rental. Our cars are all in perfect condition and they are waiting for you.

The following facts should be noted when renting an automatic car

When you rent an automatic car you should keep in mind that these vehicles start and change gears slower than cars with manual gearbox. An automatic car is only a good choice if your driving style is calm and relaxed.

Those clients who have never used an automatic car or who have but only a few times have to bear in mind that you have to put the car in “P” position when you stop the car or stand at a red traffic light or a railway level crossing because the car keeps rolling until you step on the brake pedal. This is a solution when you get a long red light.

It is important to keep the following when you rent a car:

- You should never touch the gear lever when the car is in motion, you can change gears only when the car does not move.

- Avoid keeping gas on a slope because this action in the case of both a manual and an automatic car can damage the clutch.

You should keep these rules so that when you wish to rent an automatic car next time, you can get a car which is in excellent condition.

Car Rent! Car rental in Budapest – For your comfort!

A good car rental company like us, for example, tries to please their clients and make it possible that renting a car be smooth and comfortable. Cheap and reliable car rental in the districts of Budapest for you.

Renting a car makes travelling in Budapest easier; it saves you from the disadvantage of public transport – freezing in the bust stop, hunting for metro replacement buses, pushing each other in the crowd on trams.

Is Budapest airport your starting point or your destination? Do not waste your precious time with travelling on crowded buses. Car rental is an excellent solution for you. We can take the car you have chosen to your address in Budapest. If you wish then the car will be waiting for you at the airport.

We offer a wide range of cars

A good car rental company provides its clients with a choice. We endeavour to provide our customers with all types and categories of cars so that you can choose the one that fits you the best: Opel, Toyota, Ford, Mazda and other brands are waiting for you

Do you need something special? For example, you would like to rent a microbus, a one-space passenger car or a station wagon? Then never hesitate to call our colleagues for further information.

Small urban car category: you can rent an Opel Corsa with an automatic gear box.

Family car category: you can rent an Opel Astra with an automatic gear box.

Both types of cars have petrol engines with the conditions you are accustomed to in our company