Car rental and travelling in Hungary

Car rental and travelling in Hungary

Welcome to Hungary.

You are probably spending your holiday or maybe on business in Hungary and we would like to give you some useful information about travelling and renting a car in Hungary.

Driving on motorways and the toll system

Either you rent a car or drive your own vehicle, you should buy a regional motorway sticker because if you only leave Budapest you must turn on motorway M0 which runs around Budapest and wherever you go you will use an express road for which you also have to pay.

If you drive your own car then on webpage you can purchase your sticker online in Hungarian, in English or in German.
You can buy 10-day, monthly or even annual stickers but, very important, you can exclusively and only turn o the motorway in the possession of the sticker.
Unfortunately, not all the car rental companies give motorway stickers with their cars but if you rent our cars, you do not have to worry about it. We do.
The slogan of our company is that „You only have to fill up the tank” because, in addition to the free motorway sticker, we give several extra accessories for free as well.

In Hungary you MUSTN’T drink any alcohol when you drive. It means that in Hungary we have this so-called “zero tolerance” which means that if police officers measure any alcohol level in the drunken driver then:

  • he can’t drive further;
  • and – of course – he has to face charges. (The level of which depends on the amount of the alcohol drunk.)

Authorities in Hungary are extremely strict when it is about speeding, therefore, there are plenty of speed gates placed on the motorways, main roads and even on low traffic roads. These gates record speeding and some other violations as well and send them to the authorities concerned. In addition to fixed speed gates portable speed meters also monitor velocity so it is really worth keeping the speed limits. 
The speed limits in Hungary:

  1. in city 50 km/h
  2. on highways 90 km/h
  3. on express roads 110 km/h
  4. on motorways 130 km/h

Outside the cities, on the open roads, your lights MUST be switched on at all times independently of the visibility.
We hope that we could give you some useful pieces of advice regarding driving in Hungary. We wish our customers a good time and accident free driving in Hungary.