How you should plan your travel.

How you should plan your travel.

When you plan your journey, you should take the following facts into consideration:

  • How many people?;
  • A family or a company of friends?
  • Younger or older people?
  • Are there any children with you?
  • How long are you staying?
  • What comfort requirements do you have?

On the basis of the list above, you should choose the cities or sites you would like to see and which type of accommodation fits your expectations the most.
When choosing the proper type of accommodation the following, internationally known webpages can help you:

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Young people like parties and want to take part in the exciting nightlife and, therefore, we recommend our capitol, Budapest, to them because there is no weekday or weekend here, that is, there are places everyday which offer unforgettable experiences to the tourist who want to party  and relax. 

Our clubs are very colourful so they satisfy all the demands, so ask our young colleagues and they give you the necessary information and this way the useless dawdling can be avoided and you will find the best places in town in the vortex of the night.

Budapest can be an ideal choice for art lovers as well because there are plenty of museums and exhibitions in the city, however, some bigger or even smaller cities in the country also have these possibilities.
Families and holiday-makers should visit our open air swimming-pools, wellness centres, wine regions where the children and the grown-ups can participate in a lot of family programs.
Older people can enjoy our unique thermal baths and spas where they can relax, and where the additional services can cure and refresh them.

Hungary is a real “gastro” country, therefore, if you go to a Hungarian city you should visit a restaurant and enjoy the Hungarian cuisine, for example, our sausage, beef stew, beef goulash, fish soup, gipsy roast, cottage cheese pasta and a lot of other foods made with the famous Hungarian spicing are really worth trying.   

We are waiting for you and if you need any help in choosing the program you can ask any of our colleagues and they will be at your service.