Where should you go by car in Hungary

Where should you go by car in Hungary

All of our traffic networks are Budapest centred, consequently, it is better and advisable to drive to the famous and spectacular places that can be found in several parts of Hungary
The most cost-effective is car rental and if you want this service then you have to keep the following things in mind.
(Our company – of course – offers all the convenience services. We rent our cars to our customers visiting Hungary as we would like to rent them ourselves when we go abroad.)

  1. The vehicle has to have an air conditioning which is very useful in winter and in summer as well. In winter you should check whether the car is equipped with winter tyres.
  2. You should rent a car which has an annual motorway sticker (vignette).
  3. The car rental company has to offer Assistance service which means that in the case of any problem they ensure the rescue and provide you with another car.

“You only have to fill up the tank”. We do not charge any cost for those extras for which the other companies do.
In Hungary you can find several wine regions which visitors should visit. Our most important wine regions are as follows:

  1. Villány wine region
  2. Eger wine region (“Szépasszony” (Beautiful lady) valley)
  3. Tokaj  wine region (For those who prefer sweet and white wines)
  4. Szekszárd wine region
  5. Etyek–Buda wine region
  6. Badacsony wine region
  7. Pannonhalm wine region
  8. Etyek–Buda wine region
  9. Badacsony wine region
  10. Pannonhalma wine region

Hungary does not have a sea but the Balaton is called as the “Hungarian sea”.

The source of the following text below is: https://hu.wikipedia.org/wiki/Balaton Wikipedia:
“The biggest lake in Eastern Europe, an important element of Hungary’s hygrography. Unlike Lake Fertő and Lake Velence which are saline lakes but of tectonic origin. It is 77 kilometres long, its smallest width at Tihany is 1,5 kms, the biggest is 12,7 between Balatonvilágos and Balatonalmádi, its average width is 7,5 kilometres, its surface is 594 km2.”
Its eastern pool is divided into two parts by the Tihany peninsula. Its southern beach is shallower. On the  northern part you can find the Badacsony wine region and the Tapolca basin with its volcanic monadnocks. Fishing is a typical activity in some parts of the lake.

In addition to Budapest, the Balaton and its territory is the most visited resort area of Hungary, in 2004 it got the “Our Heritage – Somogy country” title as well. There are thermal baths and thermal springs in the area. The Blue Ribbon International Sailing Competition is organised every year on the lake.”
The Balaton is mainly recommended to families with little children because the water is shallow, however, it is very popular among the young as well because the lake hosts numerous festivals. Its most popular festival is the BALATON SOUND.

You can do all the water sports at the Balaton it is called the sailors’ paradise in Hungary. Thanks to its climate some of our wine regions can be found here and the ones hunting for gastronomy experiences will not be disappointed if they visit this place.

Horse tourism, hunting and fishing tourism are also popular activities in Hungary, furthermore, our thermal baths and wellness centres are also favourite destinations.
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